Dead Rabbit V2 – A Good Smoke Device For Novices

The original version of the Dead Rabbit Vaporizer reviewed was the excellent V1 that is highly regarded for it’s exceptional ability to draw small volumes of vapor and create an equally impressive taste in great taste. Now the V2 has been improved even more. The improved version contains a larger vapor path for greater flavor and increased vapor production. The temperature range has been increased from 120F to 160F. The vapor output has also been increased to three times that of the original.

dead rabbit v2

The new improved dead rabbit v2RDA by Vaporz is not only equipped with a greater airflow options for greater flavor but also have the new Honeycomb design. The new Honeycomb design will push all the juices and flavors to the sides leaving nothing but the vapor for you to breathe in. With the traditional vapes this was not the case because as juice was blown out, the flavors were able to seep back into your throat and mouth. This can be quite a bothersome.

The vaporz dead rabbit v2RDA has two different models, the standard one and the mini. The standard version has a two-pound weight and has a standard eight-inch clear air path. The standard is equipped with the original version of the Honeycomb technology which is located in the side panel. This technology allows the user to adjust the airflow and temperature with one hand while only having to turn the knob with the other. This is perfect for those people who may have difficulties with their dominant hand.

The other option of the dead rabbit v2 is the mini, which is only three inches long. This option is very handy for those times when you are rushing to get something done and you need to reach quickly on the things that you need. The mini has two different options as well, a full airflow design and an angled airflow design. With the angled airflow design you can actually get a smoother experience than what you would get from the full airflow design. It helps to keep the vapors on your face and in your nose.

With the dead rabbit v2, you also get a standard positive pin and bf squonk. I have to say that this upgrade really made the v2 worth it. There are a lot of benefits to upgrading to this upgrade, one being that you will not have to worry about the constant replacement of batteries like you would have to do with the original version. The standard positive pin and bf squonk included in the kit is enough for anyone to use.

Another great thing about the dead rabbit v2 is that it comes with two tanks. This gives you a better chance to try both the vapes out before making your final decision. The upgraded version tanks are larger than the original tanks which gives you a better chance of finding the right flavor and type of vapor that you want.

The last great thing about the dead rabbit v2 is that the company does not include any accessories with this product. All of the parts are included in the package but there is no user manual or guide to help you along the way. This is definitely not the case with the other two products that I reviewed. If you ever become lost or confused, then it is highly suggested that you purchase a user manual or a printed manual. This will make things a lot easier for you and will give you the confidence needed to make the right choice.

Overall, the dead rabbit v2 is a good electronic vaporizer for any vaper. It performs well, has a decent price, and includes many useful features. The only thing that could make it better is if the company would create one for the beginners as well. That way, the vapers that are not familiar with vaporizing could learn how to properly use the product and they could become avid vapers in no time at all.