Fengchi Electric Switch: AUGVAPE Honda Red Head VTEC 200W

Fengchi Electric Switch: AUGVAPE Honda Red Head VTEC 200W

AUGVAPE has always been a relatively stable brand.It can be said that most of its atomizers have a good reputation.The popular Meilin style is also brought by AUGVAPE.

The host that I want to experience and share today is the Lunar New Year host brought by AUGVAPE. I think the main red color scheme is also more suitable for the festive day of the Spring Festival. For the details of the specific parts and the feelings of use, we will look down.

AUGVAPE Honda Red Head VTEC 200W

The outer packaging is visible, and the style is simple. Although it looks very thin, the protection ability is still strong. The box on the packaging is marked with the body material, machine manufacturer and factory address. In addition to the Honda Redhead VTEC 200W, the package also comes with a red corded data cable. Although it is an accessory, it has a good texture.

AUGVAPE Honda Red Head VTEC 200W

The VTEC host is relatively rectangular. In terms of body shape, including the thin dual-electric host, it still has a noticeable feeling of falling when the battery is installed. The body material is made of zinc alloy. The paint surface feels good, and the matte also makes daily life The use will not be very public,

VTEC is made 1:1 based on Honda’s red head engine. The overall style is indeed different from the conventional box style. The conventional mainframe can be determined by the chip and the functional area, but this time it will not work. I believe the initial design.

How to reasonably arrange the location of the chip battery compartment and the functional area is still very troublesome. But the result is indeed good, and it is very good. Maybe I am a bit rougher. The brushed and old adjusting knobs and decorative metal screws are very difficult. I prefer this rugged style, and the hidden buttons make the overall look more coordinated.

Of course, 1:1 is not allowed to have a weird button alone. After all, there will be no such button on the Honda red head engine. For the first time I saw that I did not have too much hope for the grip and comfort after getting started. There are too many corners and corners, and it is irregular. At first, I did think that it might not be very comfortable to grasp it. After experiencing it, it was really a bit unexpected. After getting started, it is still relatively comfortable, and it also plays a non-slip effect.

AUGVAPE Honda Red Head VTEC 200W
AUGVAPE Honda Red Head VTEC 200W

I like to put some enlarged pictures of the details, after all, the excellent appearance and stable quality may destroy the rough details.

The 510 base on the top of the VTEC is designed directly with the TYPE-R wheel pattern as a prototype. The knob is limited to up and down, and the up and down directions continue to fluctuate, replacing the traditional plus and minus buttons.

When the button is toggled, the damping feel is appropriate, and there will be no abnormal noise under very strong continuous shaking. The bottom battery compartment cover is a flip + buckle method. This kind of spring-like method has a more obvious problem , Will be looser.

There will be noise when shaking, of course, this is only limited to the sound after opening the cover, it will not shake during use, and will not affect the service life.

After this kind of lid is closed, the gap will be more obvious, but VTEC is the tighter I have been in contact with this kind of lid. It is almost seamless.

AUGVAPE Honda Red Head VTEC 200W

In terms of modes, the VTEC host completely removed the temperature control mode. The results are good or bad. The good thing is that there is one less craftsmanship, and the rest can be more focused on the main attack. After all, there are more power players and bypass mode players.

The bad thing is that there are not many temperature control party players who insist on playing temperature control, and they have completely lost the temperature control mode.

There are three modes of VTEC, namely Normal (standard mode) Bypass (bypass mode) V Mode (VTEC mode) As mentioned earlier, I personally like VTEC to support 0.05 resistance. After all, many times, the resistance is over When it is low, the box is still used to burn the silk first.When it is installed on the pole, this operation may not be useful for the old players, but it is indeed very practical.

In terms of VTEC outbreaks, I don’t have professional equipment for testing.If I compare it with my previous use, there is no delay.

While supporting extremely low resistance, in terms of the detection accuracy of the resistance value, the official VTEC standard is that the Bypass mode in the plus or minus 0.005 ohm mode is similar to the mechanical mode. The mode requires the power to reach a certain standard before the trigger is started, so it will not be reflected at low power. The official standard of VTEC ignition speed is that the ignition speed reaches 0.005 seconds. It is indeed the extreme level.

AUGVAPE Honda Red Head VTEC 200W

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