ijoy Volcano Univ 180W Review

The ijoy VaporMogul is a revolutionary vaporizer that’s perfect for people who want a high-quality device with all the bells and whistles. But it’s also very reasonable, making it a great option for new Vaper smokers as well as experienced ones. The ijoy shogun is one of the best vaporizers available, and it’s great for taking along on trips, or as a stocking filler at your favorite store. Squonkers appreciate cutting-edge job vaporizers, and ijoy loves them back in turn with stylishly functional vaporizers for discerning cloud-chompers.

ijoy vape

ijoy vaporizers use a revolutionary top fill system, which allows you to refill the reservoir over. The ijoy vaporizer makes filling the reservoir a simple process, because it doesn’t use any air tanks, or chambers. Instead, the reservoir is simply filled with vapor from your favorite e liquid blend, and when that gets old and empty, it simply empties itself. This makes it very easy to maintain the tank and ensure that there are no leaks. This is also a very efficient design, which allows you to get the most vapor possible out of each bottle of juice.

Like many other high-end vaporizers, the ijoy Vapemate incorporates a powerful heating element, which gives you incredible vapor production and powerful heat dissipation. When you’re ready to refill your ijoy JuiceBank with juice, it’s as easy as squeezing a button. The unique vapor compression wand lets you achieve various pressure levels, so that you can get the ideal temperature for extracting juice. If you want extra power, you just increase the pressure setting and get double the vapor output.

The ijoy box mod truly emulates the feel of an actual or juice box. There are even electronic pulse sensors that will activate the heating element automatically, should you forget to replace the battery. There are five heat settings from low, to super high, to ultra high, giving you a lot of flexibility when determining how much power to dial up. Some of the higher quality coils used in these units can produce extremely hot vapor, which means that vapers may need to use a more powerful heating element than usual.

The ijoy Vape Pro is powered by one standard-sized high-performance 18awg coil. This coil has been precision balanced to provide uniform airflow, which eliminates a lot of back and forth wiggling. Because this unit is powered by a high performance coil, it has exceptional leak protection. It also has a top fill system, which makes filling the reservoir an easy and hassle-free process. The ijoy Vape Pro has a durable and tamper resistant lid, which is open and removable for ease of cleaning.

One of the top selling points of the ijoy vape is the fact that it comes in both a tank version and a box mod version. Although the tank version is slightly more portable, it does not have nearly the same amount of powerful heating elements. The box mod version has a higher wattage than the tank, along with higher wattage heating elements. Although the tank can accommodate two ijoys, each will only support one mod. These tanks are available with or without interchangeable juices, but the ijoy vape Pro requires compatible juices to be filled.

The ijoy Vape Pro has received a lot of good reviews, largely due to its unique ability to produce flavorful and smooth vapor. It is especially useful for those who enjoy experimenting with different flavors and textures. A unique tank and side-set allow the user to change coils at any time. Users also appreciate the large surface area that allows for easy and efficient cooling. Although the airflow on the ijoy Pro is limited, it is still considered one of the best professional quality vapes on the market. In addition to the superior heat output and easy cleaning, the tank is large and easily fits into any size hands.

If you are looking for a high-quality product that can provide flavorful vapor with a full-bodied flavor, then you should definitely check out the ijoy Vape. This professional quality vaporizer produces the highest vapor production available on the market. Available in three sizes, the ijoy Vape is well constructed and offers the perfect value for its price. If you are looking for an excellent all-around device, then the ijoy Volcano is definitely worth considering. The vaporizer’s ability to produce flavorful vapors along with its durability make the Volcano one of the most popular vaporizers on the market today.