Wotofo Mesh

wotofo was first known as the first real electronic cigarette. Nowadays it is considered the world leader in electronic cigarettes and has the ability to produce a realistic cloud. The Wotofo Cloud SS RDA combines a Squonk box and dual battery bottle. The Squonk box acts like a feeding tube to allow the vapor to feed into the dual battery bottle. This allows the user to experience the e-juice to its full potential.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

Wotofo Profile RDA is an extraordinary vapor producing apparatus. With the Wotofo Profile RDA, you can enjoy a free trial pack of the newest product which is the Wotofo Cloud SS RDA. It features an adjustable wattage, a sleek design and a modern twist on an old time reliable kit. The adjustable wattage allows the user to adjust the amount of power needed for the experience of the vapor. The Squonk bottle makes this device very user friendly and offers a number of different methods to use.

The two inch squeeze bottle will make any squonk application easy and convenient. It comes with a mesh cover to keep your fruits fresh until you are ready to enjoy. The Wotofo Profile Pss Dual Mesh Rda2 it gives you the performance you expect from a double cloud standby rda without any of the size issues that other brands may have.

It has a beautiful clear glass cup with a built in mesh for carrying and an adjustable airflow system. This unit also has a safety lock feature. There is a two inch squonk that has the ability to adjust to three different watts. It has the two ohm support built in for the ultimate in dual build power.

The Wotofo Cloud SS RDA comes in two different sizes. The adjustable wattage allows you to change the amount of power needed for the vapor produced. The side airflow system allows the user to enjoy a flavorful and unique blend of fruit. The Squonk bottle offers the benefits of an original squeeze bottle with the functionality of a mesh area.

The Wotofo NeXmesh A1 is also compatible with the Wotofo parallel series builds but it is not recommended as a replacement for the parallel series builds. If you are looking for Wotofo mesh, then you are looking for something that gives a consistent flavor as well as the durability needed to handle the heat that a blender bottle can generate. The Wotofo NeXmesh A1 offers the performance you would expect from Wotofo in a smaller package. It can hold a lot of the heat you would find from a normal sized vase or blender but it offers the ability to adjust the temperature based on what you are preparing with it.

This wonderful unit gives you the ability to adjust the amount of vapor produced based on the level of fruit flavored liquid in the cup. I like to use a sixty watt 90 wattage blend to get a nice and cool e-liquid flavor while adding just a touch of cereal or yogurt. I recommend using a parallel style grinder with an interchangeable tip to produce the best results.

While the Wotofo mesh continues to please the majority of its users, there have been some customers who have not had quite the same experience. There have been a couple of reports stating that the Wotofo NeXmesh A1 did produce too much heat for their liking. This mesh has also been linked to having issues with mesh sticking together after being washed. These are only a couple of the issues that have been noted but many Wotofo users have stated that these are all myths and that their experience with the Wotofo NeXmesh A1 has been nothing but positive. Wotofo continues to impress with each new model they release and have continued to keep the customer impressed with their quality as well as their affordability. Wotofo continues to supply top of the line, high quality, durable products that will please the majority of their users.